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Lucy’s Letters

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If you are after something a little different – Lucy’s Letters are for you!

This piece is perfect for having a special date stamped on it i.e. birth date or anniversary.

Made from 925 Sterling Silver.


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Details to be stamped

Please enter the exact details of what you would like stamped on your Elle Hill piece. Make sure you are very specific in your use of capitals and lower case. Only use an & sign if you want it stamped.

If the pendant has more than one circle or bar please indicate what you would like stamped on each for example:
Largest: Sam Elle
Medium: Katie
Smallest: Tim

Please note unless specified, characters will be stamped on the piece according to best fit. Dates will be stamped in the format 04 01 13

Special instructions

Please indicate your choice of font ‘handwritten‘, ‘small block’ or ‘fancy‘ (required). Also provide us with any additional instructions you would like for your pendant.


Please enter the letters required in this space and select the required number of letters before you add to cart on this page.


Made from 925 Sterling Silver.

They measure approx 20 mm height and 11 mm wide (depending on each letter)

Price : $30 per letter

‘Lucy’s Letters’ can accommodate a date stamped along one edge. The date will be in the form of  DD MM YY

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